Talking about fruits, who doesn’t like avocado? The Benefits of Avocado


Talking about fruits, who doesn’t like avocado?
Avocado is a creamy and tasty fruit. People usually eat avocado directly or make it as juices and desserts. Beside its good taste, avocado is a fruit with a lot of benefits.

For who doesn’t like avocado, you better like it from now on rather than you miss its benefits!
What are these? Let’s jump right in!
   1.      Good forHeart Health
In developed countries, heart disease is the main cause of death and even began to spread to developing countries as well.
Avocado is source of unsaturated fats that is good for heart health. It can bealternative way for vegetarians though. We can consider to eat avocado every day to make our hart health.
   2.      Improving Eye Health
As nowadays people, we are almost cannot move our eyes from gadget. We are staring our phone cell and scrolling on it even if while eating, in other words, literally every time. It must be bad for eye health.  But don’t worry because we can protectour eyes by regularly consuming avocado. Avocado contains anti-oxidants, lutein and zeaxanthin. Anti-oxidants can reduce the development of cataracts, slow down degeneration of the muscles and nerves of the eyes, and can improve night vision. These become even more important when weget older.
   3.      Preventing Cancer
We can also prevent cancer by consume avocado.Avocado has a lot of fiber which is good for the stomach and can prevent colon cancer and also fight breast cancer cells. It’s impressing, isn’t it?
   4.      Preventing Diabetes
Avocado contains oleic acid which can prevent diabetes problem. In addition, avocadoalso has unsaturated fat which has a function as a reduction in triglyceride content andable to control blood sugar levels.As we know, diabetes is closely related with blood sugar. So, if our blood sugar is controlled, we will safe from diabetes.
   5.      ImprovingNutritionAbsorption
Avocadocontains carotenoid compounds that will help our body to increase the absorption of nutrients from the food we consume. In other words, the nutrients from the food we consume will not be wasted as they enter our body. In this case, we can eat avocados as dessert after we eat main course.
   6.      Lose Weight
Although avocado contains high fats and calories, we can still eat avocado everyday without worrying about our weight because the fat contained in avocado is unsaturated fats. Besides, avocado can help reduce our appetite and suppresses our overall caloric intake over the course of the day.So, this fruit is very suitable for those who are implementing a diet program. I’m sure girls will like it!
  7.      Brightening Skin
You have dull skin? No worries, there is avocado.
Japanese usually add avocadoes to their sushi for brightening their skin, and you can see the prove. The scientific reason is that avocado is rich of vitamins D, E and omega 3 fats that are very good for the skin and help to regenerate dead skin quickly.
These are the benefits of avocado. So, what are you waiting for? Go to the store and get your avocadoes!