Five Ways to Thicken Natural Sperm Water Naturally


1. Improving an Unhealthy Lifestyle
Decreased sperm quality is influenced by unhealthy daily habits, such as smoking, consuming alcoholic beverages, and fast food which can affect hormonal balance.

Research shows that men who eat high-fat foods every day produce fewer sperm counts than those who run a healthy diet. Therefore, apply a low-fat and high-protein diet to improve sperm quality.

Lack of physical activity can also increase the risk of obesity, which is considered to affect sperm quality. The research journal published by the Harvard School of Public Health explains, men who sit too long or watch TV 20 hours each week have 44 percent lower sperm counts than those who exercise regularly. So, try also to do physical exercise regularly.

2. Eating Milk and Dates
Who would have thought if a combination of milk and dates could also help improve fitness and sperm quality? People who live in the Mediterranean region often consume a combination of these foods every day to maintain their vitality. You can soak 5-7 dried dates in a bowl of milk and leave 2-3 hours until the dates are soft.

The content of carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B5 in dates is considered effective in increasing stamina while improving watery semen.

3. Consumption of Herbal Supplements
A healthy diet accompanied by the consumption of nutritious herbal supplements can help improve sperm quality. Efficacious medicinal plants such as pimpinella alpina (purwoceng), and panax ginseng (Korean ginseng) are known for generations as ingredients for making fitness herbs.

You can get the benefits of these two medicinal plants by consuming Harvest Valeo supplements. This one herbal supplement has the properties to improve sperm quality, accelerate blood flow, increase testosterone levels and male fertility. Valeo Harvest’s consumption on a regular basis in the long term can help you stay fit and passionate.

4. Increase Intake of Foods Containing Zinc
As mentioned earlier, lack of zinc intake has a direct effect on sperm quality. Now, from now on, try to increase your intake of zinc-containing foods such as shellfish, almonds, sunflower seeds, and lamb meat. Besides being rich in zinc, some examples of the above foods are also known to have high selenium content and are effective in thickening semen.

5. Eating Foods Rich in Vitamin E
In addition to vitamin B and zinc, vitamin E also plays a role in balancing hormones while improving sperm quality. High vitamin E content can be found in nuts, eggs, cereals, avocados, and tubers.