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Avoid 10 Dangers of Frozen Food for This Health

Avoid 10 Dangers of Frozen Food for This Health

Frozen food or frozen food is often now the main requirement, especially for office workers who are too busy. Because it is too simple to process it as well as a cheap price, many people start to like to eat without looking at the danger of frozen food itself. As a reminder, this is a row of dangers meant from frozen food.

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1. Nausea
Eating frozen foods especially too often is not good for your health because one of the risks is causing nausea. Before consuming it, we must have known that frozen food on average uses MSG, which is an additive which if taken continuously can have a bad impact on digestion and cause problems there.

2. Headache
Frozen food is processed and then made into seawet, which of course must use chemicals that are harmful to the health of our body in the process. MSG is not only a high risk of making us feel nauseous, but also if we often drink it, then we can experience headaches.

3. Respiratory Problems
Other side effects that can occur because of not limiting the consumption of frozen foods are disorders of the respiratory tract. Again this is caused by the content of MSG or preservatives in frozen foods that we enjoy. So, avoid consumption every day, especially in the morning, afternoon and night so as not to cause harmful effects like this.

4. Cough
There is also the possibility of consuming frozen foods that constantly can experience coughing. This can occur as a result of too much sugar intake so that if it is not balanced with consumption of lots of water, the throat can dry out and can trigger coughing later.

5. Fatigue
Frozen foods that are consumed too much or often can also have an impact on the body which is tired quickly. This can happen because the content of sodium and preservatives to high sugar in frozen foods is able to trigger blood thickening to high blood sugar levels in the body.

6. High blood pressure
You should know that frozen food has also gone through a very large process of adding salt or sodium apart from its MSG content. That way, it’s no wonder that people who eat frozen food too often or even daily can increase their risk of hypertension.

7. Even the fact that you need to know is that instead of restaurant cuisine that you might normally consume and be able to increase cholesterol levels in the blood, the salt content in frozen foods is much higher and much. Even because of the consumption of frozen foods, you have the potential to experience blood clotting so that blood circulation is blocked.

8. Diabetes
Did you know that the average frozen food that you often buy and consume has gone through a process of preservation using starch? This type of polymer glucose starch which is still a kind of carbohydrate is what enhances the texture and flavor enhancer of food so that frozen foods are more delicious to eat.

But don’t be happy if you can eat frozen foods that are super easy to process and super delicious, because in fact our body’s glucose polymer will digest it as sugar. That means, blood glucose levels can easily rise due to eating too much frozen food which ultimately triggers type 2 diabetes.

9. Heart disease
Another chronic disease should be avoided by limiting the consumption of frozen foods, namely types of heart disease. This is because frozen foods also have trans fat that will trigger blocked arteries and increase LDL or bad cholesterol levels, while low HDL occurs. Not only trans fat, preservatives in it are also not healthy for your heart.

10. Pancreatic cancer
The next terrible and super-malignant disease that needs to be watched out for as a danger of consuming frozen foods is cancer. Pancreatic cancer has a much higher risk of occurring in routine consumption of frozen foods. Starting from frozen foods such as sausages, corned beef, hot dogs and other processed foods, this can be a trigger for pancreatic cancer.

Why are these delicious instant foods potentially triggering pancreatic cancer? This is because frozen food basically carries carcinogenic properties, namely properties that can trigger the growth of cancer cells in the body’s tissues. So, it starts wisely to eat frozen food without overdoing it all the time.