Honey content For the health of our body


Honey content For the health of our body

Hello recipesallcountry reader – Hidden Content of Honey for Body Health This time the admin will discuss about the content of sound in honey which is very good for the health of the body. Who does not like honey? Because it has many benefits of honey, the admin feels that all ages are suitable for consuming honey . Original blend as food, drink, medicine, and sweets which is second to none in its delights and benefits. Until now, there has not been a natural processed product that can match honey in terms of its nutritional content, vitamins and enzymes contained in it.

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The content of tersmbunyi in honey has been carried out several results of research conducted on honey, it turns out it always produces an answer that the discovery of new and natural substances contained in it.
Indeed honey is one of the natural ingredients which of course is healthy, delicious, safe and has many benefits, both for children and adults. Pure or original mix contains:

– Inverted sugar contains as much as 80%
– Sacharosa has a maximum content of 8%
– Desktrin has up to 10%
– maximum ash of 0.25%
– water has 25%
– volatile substances aromatic and ant acids

Glucose can be absorbed directly by the human body as well as assimilation in the blood, therefore the hidden content of honey can also function as a heart tonic which can also be stored in the liver as glycogen. Therefore Honey functions as a stabilizer (neutralizer) or sugar controller in blood circulation. In addition to the substances mentioned above honey also contains vitamins B1, B2, and C which are very good for the health of the body. Because the sound content in honey is very good for the health of the body. Honey is indeed very much and favored by many people so it is not surprising if there are some people who sell fake honey or not worth consuming. Well for that the admin also shares how to distinguish genuine honey and fake honey can be done in the following ways, namely:

1. Take the honey that will be tested, then drop it slightly into the newspaper, wait for a few moments, if the honey is wet or translucent, then the honey is considered fake, at least of low quality, because it has a high water content.
2. Place honey in a fire-resistant container, does the honey burn even for just a few moments, then the honey is considered good, if it doesn’t burn at all then the honey is considered bad
3. Put honey into the refrigerator, good honey will not freeze even if stored for days to weeks.

That is the content of sound in Honey which is very good of course for the health of the body, besides that we can check whether the honey is genuine or fake.