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Benefits of Rice as a staple food

Benefits of Rice as a staple food

Hello loyal readers, friend blogger recipesallcountry.com – The benefits of rice as a staple food I will try to discuss at this event.

Rice is a staple food for almost all Indonesians. But only a few are related to them.

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The good rice is rice that still has rice bran instead of milled rice, which is sold in the market-market, known as kwalited 1 rice. What is actually called white rice actually does not have any value at all for health, because it has lost bran as modern grinding process, no longer found protein substances.

Rice is the best for after wheat, and the best is its composition. It has the power to strengthen digestion, fatten the body, add semen and enhance skin color. The Indian physicians say that rice is the best and the best food from them. cow