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Benefits of Wheat and How to Process it

Benefits of Wheat and How to Process it

Wheat is of two kinds, fine wheat which is usually made by bread.kue and others, and there is also barley which is usually made beer.
Fine wheat is very beneficial for people with mental disorders in women, diarrhea and burns

How to make :
Boil about 30 grams of wheat seeds, plus 10 grams of black sugar, 5 seeds of red dates. This herb is used to cure hysteria in women
Whereas to treat burns, fry the wheat seeds to blackish, then grind into a smooth mixture. Put into coconut oil. Apply burns with this mixture to taste.
Barley is efficacious to cure disorders of the digestive organs, diarrhea, pain when urinating, swelling and burning. In addition, it also has a good effect on the stomach and intestines and smoothen urine.

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How to make concoctions from barley:
Fry enough barley to smell delicious and slightly brownish. Make the fried barley as the.Diminum, to relieve fatigue, and prevent excessive sweating.
The barley can be mixed with a few slices of fresh ginger. This drink can be used as a substitute for those who don’t like to drink it.
Fry enough barley until it’s blackish in color. Mash until smooth to flour, add enough oil. This mixture is for treating burnt skin.
Boil 5 grams of barley leaves and stalks, drink to smooth urine.

That was the benefit of wheat for the health of our bodies. Hopefully useful

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